Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.- Jamaican government on Sunday sent a medical supply donation to Santiago de Cuba province in order to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Héctor Mustelier, member the International Relations Department of the provincial directorate of Public Health Ministry (MINSAP), thanked Jamaica´s donation that helps to treat coronavirus-infected people.

This first batch, which other one is expected to come in a few days, included syringes, needles, cannulas, face masks and shields, instruments for anesthesia and disinfectants to be quickly distributed in the Santiago de Cuba´s medical system.

Caribbean Latin Travel Consultant Limited supported the organization of this donation, which landed Cuba amid a fresh pandemic outbreak.

On behalf of the Aero Gaviota crew, Reinaldo Hechavarría expressed his satisfaction for fulfilling this humanitarian mission and favoring

Cuba’s efforts in facing up such a complex epidemiological situation.