Havana, Cuba.- International Convention Cuba Industria 2018 closes today after uniting all the country’s industries in a drive for sustainable economic development.

After holding 11 congresses and a commercial fair with the participation of delegates from 30 countries, the event has contributed to promote the development strategies of different areas, highlighting the light industry, steel and mechanical and recycling branches.

The Investment Forum -collateral activity held in Pabexpo fair grounds, closes its program today with a presentation on the services and goods to clients of the western Mariel Special Development Zone.

The Forum includes in its program a panel discussion of foreign investors where they will speak about their experience in the Cuban market.

As part of this closing day there will also be the signing of memos of understanding that lead the way to direct foreign investment in the industrial sector and the strengthening of cooperation between Cuban companies and their foreign partners.

Besides several seminars and master lectures, the program included the presentation of products and technologies of joint ventures based in the national territory or entities striving to expand their presence in the island, as a contribution to the improvement of Cuban industry.

Cuba Industria 2018 included among its priorities a meeting between specialists to substitute imports, strengthen the links between industry and university and promote productive chains.