Havana, Cuba.-Physicians and surgeons from the United States and Cuba are holding an academic exchange, focused among other issues on the accreditation of services.

The members of the International Board of Medicine and Surgery of the United States, a non-governmental organization that brings together all medical and paramedical specialties from that American nation, will attend the meeting.

The colleagues of the National Council of Scientific Societies will participate for the Cuban side.

The meeting, to be held for three days at the Havana Nacional Hotel, is an acknowledgment to the work carried out by the Cuban public health, Eduardo Molina, president of international relations department at the Cuban Society of Surgery, said.

One of the objectives is the accreditation of international medical services, that is, recommending Cuba to send patients to be treated on the island, as well as the analysis for the application of protocols, its implementation, he stressed.

Cardiology, cardiovascular rehabilitation, general surgery, ophthalmology, cosmetic surgery, and orthopedics are featured in the academic program.

For the specialist, this exchange is the first step for the organization after a congress between both societies, he said.