Pardo Guerra checks in recuperative actions in Camaguey

Major General Pardo Guerra values recuperative actions in Florida municipality. Photo/Adelante newspaper.

CAMAGUEY, Cuba.- Major General Ramon Pardo Guerra, Chief of the Civil Defense National General Staff, and Construction Minister Rene Mesa Villafana, verified the recovery in Florida municipality, Camaguey province, after the recent severe local storm.

According to local sources, Pardo Guerra and Mesa Villafana dialogued with victims such as Julia Mendoza Alzugaray, whose house suffered a total collapse and who thanked the government’s quick response to resolve the situation.

Similar attention is received by the remaining eight families to which the meteorological event totally demolished their homes and they were benefited with the delivery of a Sandino typology module, which is already being executed.

In Camaguey, Pardo Guerra also emphasized the need to comply in a disciplined way with measures to stop the transmission of Covid-19, such as the use of nasobuco, hand washing and social distancing.