Havana, Cuba.- China and its actions in Latin America: Negotiations in Panama, is one of the topics analyzed today in the final session of a meeting of economists analyzing regional and the world panorama in this area.

The President of the Panama Economists Association, Samuel Moreno, referred to the topic in that fórum, which includes master lectures on China and the U.S. protectionism, global impacts and perspectives for Latin America and progress of the One Belt One Route (OBOR) Project in this region.

In this meeting, experts of nine countries and international organisms debate the economy of Latin America and the Caribbean before the new international environment and its main challenges.

Other aspects in debate are: The behavior of trade between Mexico and Central America, The insertion of Latin America in Global Value Chains in the context of the International Crisis of 2008.

To be discussed also is Globalization and Financial Crisis in Latin America and reflections on the development debts of the region.

Other issues examined were: The productive structure and economic growth, Foreign Direct Investment and Cuban Economic Growth, and The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its Impacts for Latin America.

Participants will also analyze the Economic and Political Situation of Brazil and the master lecture Fidel and World Economy.

Later on, the president of the Academic Committee of the Forum, Esther Aguilera will read the report of the forum to put an end to this meeting.

The forum is organized by the National Economists Association of Cuba and the Association of Economists of Latin America and the Caribbean.