National Assembly of People´s Power.

HAVANA, Cuba. – When tomorrow April 18 the constitutive session of the National Assembly of People´s Power begins for its ninth legislature, the current Cuban society will be represented in it and we will arrive at that date after a road where the people were protagonists.

The 605 deputies elected in the 168 municipalities of the country, provided with their respective certificates of election, will meet in their own right, ratifying their commitment to the citizens who elected them.

The new Parliament will be undoubtedly faithful to the socialist principles the Cubans defend, based on unity, equality and the continuity of their historical process.

Of course, the elected legislators in the elections last March 11 will assume their responsibility with the conviction to serve and represent the people.

Continuators of our Leaders´ Legacy

The National Assembly of People´s Power calls for next Wednesday and Thursday to We Are Continuity tweet, regarding the constitution of its ninth legislature, when the direction of that supreme body and the members of the Council of State will be also elect.

On a date that also commemorates the historic victory of Giron, the Parliament invites all citizens with profiles on social networks to share with the world everything that will happen during both days, and to expose the reasons why we are continuators of our leaders´ legacy.

The main labels will be #SomosContinuidad, #PorCuba, and alternatively it can also be used # VictoriadeGirón and #Hacemos Cuba.

Users can follow the official accounts of the Parliament on Facebook and Twitter, where it appears as @AsambleaCuba.