Photo: Juventud Rebelde.

Photo: Juventud Rebelde.

GUANTANAMO, Cuba.- After fruitful discussions of the constitutional reform project among the pedagogues of the University of Guantanamo, this transcendental process continues with its student mass.

The professors developed in September the planned assemblies, where they contributed about 800 interventions, and now it belongs to the juvenile analysis, which will start in the Faculty of Social and Humanities Sciences with the Law students.

Yanileixi Claro, ideological secretary of the University Student Federation at the campus, mentioned among possible topics to discuss the articles related to teaching, citizenship, the structure of the Assemblies of the People´s Power, private property and citizens’ rights, duties and guarantees.

Since the opening ceremony of the current school year at Guantanamo, the active and conscious participation in the discussion of the constitutional document was called to.