Havana, Cuba.- Cuban university students will collaborate in the general elections to be held on the Caribbean island on March 11, an action that will contribute to the transparency of this electoral process, local press reported today.

Gil Ramón González, member of the National Electoral Commission (CEN), explained that more than 6,000 students will participate in this activity, in which they will acquire new experiences for their teaching and scientific preparation.

‘The students assume the political tasks, know the running of the Cuban electoral process and become familiar with it, is a formative interest of the Ministry of Higher Education,’ González said.

When those students work as collaborators in the elections, they are contributing to the transparency and success of the electoral decision-making process in the country, the CEN member said, quoted by Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

González noted that the students are not electoral authorities and will be led by universities professors in charge of training them, so they can appreciate with quality the fulfillment of the legality during the process.

The general elections were convened in June by the Council of State, in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic and Law No.72 of October 29, 1992, Electoral Law.