Teheran, Iran.- The Iranian website Pars Today published the statements by Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel regarding the resounding failure of the United States in its attempt to bring Cuba to its knees.

These were the words of President Diaz-Canel during a session of the Cuban Parliament, during which he denounced the sordid US war against Cuba.

The fourth and final year of the government presided over by Donald Trump, who supported the most anti-Cuban sectors in the United States and unleashed a war with the intention of bringing an end to the Revolution, has almost come to an end, said the head of state.

‘His failure is resounding and notorious,’ the president said.

Diaz-Canel mentioned the defamations against medical missions and restrictions on travels, remittances and arrivals of flights and ships from the United States.

Pars Today quoted Díaz-Canel’s stressing the Cuban government’s willingness to dialogue on any subject to resume a respectful and lasting relationship between both countries, but announced that the principles and sovereignty of Cuba will never be negotiable.