Havana 500: A Milestone on the Road to the Future

Photo: Irene Perez/Cubadebate.

HAVANA, Cuba.-The celebration of the 500 years of the foundation of Havana in its definitive settlement must be a milestone to continue working for it with a broad vision, because it is the capital of Cuba, Dr. Eusebio Leal Spengler said.

At the National Capitol, whose meticulous restoration will culminate next year in coincidence with the anniversary, the Historian of Havana recalled in a press conference that in addition to the works of patrimonial rescue they undertake many of social character as part of the government strategy.

Leal recognized the political will to renew the values of a city whose problems are more complex, and he appealed to civility and worthy behavior of its inhabitants.
The scholar said that beyond its architecture, this is also the Havana of music, artists, educators, militiamen, of the glorious defense of the Revolution.

A Living City

Dr. Eusebio Leal announced some of the most important works undertaken by the Office of the Historian of Havana for the 500th anniversary of the city, next year, some as monumental as those of the National Capitol.

Among them mentioned those of the Castle of Santo Domingo de Atares, the recreation of the Liberator Army Camp installed by Generalissimo Maximo Gomez in the Quinta de los Molinos, and the Railroad of Cuba Museum in Cristina Station.

The Historian of Havana highlighted that the housing program will benefit more than 700 residents in the Historic Center this year, and in January, The Golden Age Psycho-pedagogical Hospital will be inaugurated.

The Historian of Havana added that a polytechnic in Monte Street and the new public library “Antonio Bachiller y Morales” will join in Rafael Maria de Mendive and Camilo Cienfuegos elementary schools, inaugurated this year.