Havana, Cuba.- Cuba and Seychelles have deepened cooperation in a number of areas, especially in the health sector, in the past four years.

Cuba’s outgoing Ambassador Orlando Alvarez Alvarez, paid his farewell visit Tuesday to the Seychelles’ Head of State, James Michel, and Vice-President Danny Faure after a two-year service.

Ambassador Alvarez said Cuba’s cooperation with Seychelles over the past four years has contributed to the training of large numbers of doctors and other health professionals from the African state.

In June, Cuba and Seychelles signed yet a new cooperation agreement in the health sector, which provides for Cuban professionals to fulfill two-year health missions in the island nation.

Under the agreement, the Cuban health brigades will work to strengthen primary, secondary and tertiary health care services in the African state, as well as prevention and control of communicable diseases. There are currently about 50 Cuban doctors working in Seychelles.

The two countries, which established diplomatic relations in 1978, also maintain cooperation relaxations in agriculture, sports and education.