BEIJING, Cuba. – Representatives from Ecuador, Colombia and South Africa accredited in China expressed their support for Cuba, in the next presentation at the UN General Assembly of a resolution against the blockade by the United States.

Ecuadorian Ambassador Jose Maria Borja said that his country, together with other States in the region and the world, will once again be present next to the island when the text will be put to the vote next Wednesday.

Christine Rossi, political adviser at the Embassy of South Africa, reiterated her country’s friendship with the major island of the Antilles and wished that when the resolution against blockade is presented, she has the opportunity to sensitize more States to take the best decision on that.

Similarly, Fidel’s 90-year-old Committee in Bolivia reiterated its rejection of the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba, and described this unilateral policy of cruel and inhumane.