Male, Nepal.- Organizations and groups of solidarity with Cuba sent new messages from India and Nepal after the recent fire at the Supertanker base in the city of Matanzas, a diplomatic source said.

The National Committee of Solidarity with Cuba, Peace and Solidarity Organization, Indian Society for Cultural Cooperation and Friendship, Friends of Latin America in India, National Federation of Women, Commercial Economic Organization, as well as the National Union of Free Students and the Committee of Solidarity with Cuba in Nepal, expressed their solidarity with the island.

A lightning strike caused by a thunderstorm hit last Friday one of the fuel storage tanks in the industrial zone of that city, causing a series of explosions of great magnitude and a huge fire, which spread to three other crude oil tanks.

Firefighters, rescue workers and specialized personnel from Cuba, Venezuela and Mexico worked uninterruptedly to control the flames and secure the perimeter.

This Wednesday the fire was declared under control, although some flames persist, while the Cuban authorities carry out a damage control, prepare to evaluate the economic and environmental impact of the event and carry out the search for 14 missing persons.