WHO grants award to Henry Reeve Cuban Brigade.

WHO grants award to Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade. Photo: PL

GENEVA, Switzerland. – The World Health Organization, WHO, gave this Friday in this city the Public Health Prize in memory of Dr. Lee Jong-wook, to the Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Contingent, in recognition of its work to confront natural disasters and serious epidemics.

The award was given during the 70th World Assembly of WHO, to Dr. Felix Baez Sarria, member of the brigade, and the Minister of Public Health of Cuba Roberto Morales.

The Executive Board of the international organization unanimously decided to grant the prize to the Henry Reeve Contingent, in recognition of the work of its 250 specialists in African nations during the dangerous Ebola epidemic.

Fidel Castro created the brigade in 2005, and since then thousands of Cuban collaborators have offered their help to confront emergencies in 19 nations.