HAVANA, Cuba. – Reynaldo Purua, a young member of the Puerto Rican Juan Rius Rivera Brigade who remains in Cuba, told Radio Reloj that the current imperial policy towards the Cuban people is anachronistic and outdated.

He asserted that this attitude belongs to the Cold War stage, and that is why it must end; and above all, he pointed out that the blockade should be lifted, as it is against the basic rules of international law.

Purua explains the great means of power in Puerto Rico distort the Cuban reality, but the people know the feat of our nation. He tells that when Fidel die some humble and friend organizations paid tribute to that titan of ideas.

He added, “Fidel was an exceptional man, a lover of justice and the sovereignty of the peoples, who together with the Cubans did a lot for the Latin Americans, so we also contributed to the island”.