bloqueo-11Pretoria,South Africa.-Cuba will continue to present at the United Nations the resolution on ending the blockade for as long as the United States applies its aggressive policy against our country”, said the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Ana Teresita Gonzalez.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Gonzalez said that ‘once again Cuba will go to the UN on October 26 since the blockade has not been lifted despite the measures taken by President Barack Obama.’

Progress has not been achieve in the economic-financial or the economic-trade sectors ‘precisely due to the persistence of the blockade against our country,’ Ana Teresita Gonzales highlighted.

It is not a secret that during the mandate of Obama ‘we have suffered greater international affectations,’ the Deputy Minister said.

She added that regarding the financial transactions during the period, due to the blockade ‘major banks of the world had to pay millions in fines’, which has caused fear in maintaining relations with Cuba.

‘In this regard and considering that American tourists also can not travel to our country, we need to continue to submit this resolution until the blockade is finally lifted’, she reiterated.

‘However, we recognize the intention of President Obama for conducting a debate in the United States Congress regarding the lifting of the blockade’, the Deputy Minister said.

‘We keep on counting on the support of the international community in the efforts to end this aggressive policy against our country’, Gonzalez said.

In September, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez presented in Havana the report detailing the effects of the blockade in the last year.

According to official data, the damages caused by this measure against Cuba between April 2015 and March 2016 reach approximately USD 4,680 million.

Last year, the UN resolution on the blockade received an overwhelming majority of 191 votes in favor and only two against (Washington and Tel Aviv).