Havana, Cuba.- The exceptional natural conditions present in the northern keys of Cuba’s central region make the area a perfect place for the enjoyment of sun and beach tourism, with a very cozy atmosphere.

The Jardines del Rey destination- located on the northern coast of the province of Ciego de Ávila- is a space that attracts visitors from different latitudes due to the excellence of its beaches, which offer a picturesque and intimate environment, as well as a varied flora and fauna.

Despite the complex epidemiological situation at the international level due to Covid-19, the resort receives more than 2,000 foreign and domestic tourists every week, Lubia Olivera, sales specialist of the delegation of the Ministry of Tourism (Mintur) in Ciego de Ávila, told.

Canada continues to be the first issuing market, followed by Russia and Argentina. Olivera said that each facility works in strict compliance with biosecurity protocols to face the disease caused by the SARSCoV-2 coronavirus and offer visitors confidence in the services.

There are currently 17 hotels in operation, all of which are certified as Safe and Hygienic Tourism. This category also includes entertainment centers, transportation and Cayo Coco’s international airport, where more than 20 flights with Canadian, Russian and Argentinean vacationers arrive every week, the expert said.

In recent days, and after the renovation of its areas, restaurants and part of the rooms, the Starfish Cayo Guillermo hotel, owned by the Canadian hotel chain Blue Diamond Resorts, resumed operations.

The Starfish, a four-star all-inclusive hotel, offers accommodation for people of all ages and has 324 rooms, including two comfortable houses located in an exclusive site.

The Mintur official said that tourists not only like to enjoy the sea and the sun, but also the various nautical activities, among which diving, fishing, boat adventure and snorkeling stand out.

Likewise, they usually visit the dolphinariums of Cayo Guillermo and Cayo Coco and attend dinners and parties on the beach.

In addition to opting for different excursions outside the destination such as trips to the La Redonda lagoon, the Florencia dam, the Loma de Cunagua and Rancho Palma, some of the areas of great interest for bird watching and the delight of landscaping.

Belonging to the Sábana-Camagüey archipelago- the largest and most numerous of the four that surround Cuba- Jardines del Rey groups several keys and has maintained a growing development since its foundation 28 years ago. Today, it has an important hotel industry with more than 10,000 rooms on the keys of Coco, Guillermo and Paredón Grande.