Havana, Cuba.- Cuba’s Prime Minister, Manuel Marrero, urged the authorities to take extreme measures in the provinces that are registering an increase in the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19, particularly in the eastern part of the country.

On Monday, during the daily meeting of the governmental group that examines the control of the disease, Marrero pointed out the situation of the eastern Granma province, the one with the highest increase of new cases during the day.

The difference of this territory concerning others with similar numbers lies in the fact that the cases come from a community event in the municipality of Pilón, not an institutional event, he said. This makes it more difficult to stop the spread in the community, he warned.

The districts of Camagüuey and Santiago de Cuba, also in that region, also stand out for their contagion figures.

Among other measures, these territories are focusing their efforts on curbing the mobility of people, raising the quality of the investigation, and increasing the isolation of suspects, according to the governmental group.

In Santiago de Cuba, phase III of the Abdala vaccine candidate’s clinical trial began on Monday. The governor of the province, Beatriz Jhonson, described the process as successful.

As a symbol, 250 young medical students were vaccinated, 250 more will be vaccinated on Tuesday,and as of Wednesday, the 14 health areas involved in thje trial will be operational, she said.