Cuba has a prevention plan involving all


HAVANA, Cuba.- To face Covid-19 we have in Cuba a well-conceived Prevention and Control Plan, we work as a team, and we observe the best international experiences, he Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal said in the Round Table TV program.

Dr. Portal updated on the presence of the disease today on the island, with 67 confirmed cases, and pointed out there is no rush for medical discharges, because there is capacity in health institutions, and patient surveillance and safety is the main thing.

The Public Health Minister added that the number of arrivals in the country continues to decline. 352 Cuban residents came this Wednesday and were moved to isolation centers.

Dr. Portal made an overview of the complex international situation by the rapid spread of Covid-19, which already reaches 171 nations.

Working Together

The effort and dedication of health workers to confront Covid-19 was highlighted at the Round Table TV program by Minister Jose Angel Portal, who also remarked that Cuba is present with ten brigades in equal numbers of countries, in a gesture of solidarity and humanism.

Dr. Portal underlined the importance of active research and the role that medical science students play in it, with a committed and conscious participation.

The official shared a message posted on Twitter by the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom, in which he expresses that no country can solve this crisis alone.

This means, the Cuban Minister emphasized, a change of paradigm in global solidarity. Experiences, knowledge and resources must be shared, and working together to keep supply lines open and support nations in need.