Cuba updates coronavirus prevention and control plan
HAVANA, Cuba.- During an extraordinary meeting, the Council of Ministers approved the updating of a plan of measures to address the new coronavirus, previously presented to the Political Bureau in a meeting led by the First Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Army General Raul Castro Ruz.

In this sense, President Miguel Diaz-Canel warned of the importance of working with unity, intelligence and control to face the threats and dangers posed by the disease.

Cuba does not have any confirmed cases of coronavirus; however, in the face of the regional and international situation, the Cuban government is updating its plan for the prevention and control of the virus.

The plan aims to contain to a minimum the risk of introduction and spread of acute respiratory syndrome and to reduce the negative effects of an epidemic on the health of the population.

Increasing Epidemiological Surveillance

The Cuban President reported that the plan of measures approved by the Council of Ministers is aimed at preventing the new coronavirus from entering the country and, if so, mitigating its impacts.

Diaz-Canel indicated that this requires working in all the agencies of the central administration of the State, in conjunction with political and mass organizations, with responsibility, agility, intelligence, efficiency, and systematic control.