Idalia Vázquez Zerquera
15 January, 2020 Villa Clara, a Leading Province of Cuban Science

The flag that accredits Villa Clara as the most integral province in the Technological Science and Innovation System, was delivered by Elba Rosa Perez, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), in the national event for the Day of Cuban Science in the theater of the Central University.

22 October, 2019 Cubans Support Campaign for Lula’s Freedom

Workers of the Public Administration Union in Villa Clara participated in the process of collecting signatures for the release of former Brazilian ruler Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

16 October, 2018 60th Anniversary of Las Villas Front

The tribute to the members of Las Villas Front began in this Cuban province with the change of flowers in the niches where the Che and his companions´ remains rest in the sculptural complex of Santa Clara.

8 October, 2018 Retirees and Industry Workers Evoke Che Guevara

Working Heroes and Heroines, retirees of the industrial sector, directors of companies, and trade union leaders of several provinces of the country, paid homage to Ernesto Che Guevara in the sculptural complex bearing his name in the city of Santa Clara

26 June, 2018 They Investigate Fire in Santa Clara Telephone Central

The events that triggered a fire on the fourth floor of the building occupied by the telephone plant of the city of Santa Clara this Monday noon, are investigated by experts to know the technological damage.

13 June, 2018 Che’s Thinking Is Still Valid in Cuba Today

The teachings of Ernesto Guevara´s thought linked to economy and the formation of the new man, were released this Wednesday in Villa Clara, in the opening ceremony of the event titled Che at 90: His Presence in Cuba Today.

28 May, 2018 Heavy Rains Affecting Cuban Central Provinces

VILLA CLARA, Cuba.- Even though in the last few hours rainfall has declined in Santa Clara, the rains recorded last Saturday and Sunday in that city lead to the evacuation of more than 250 people living in low areas. Authorities of the Defense Council in that municipality of Villa Clara province specified that the victims […]

9 April, 2018 They Evoke Events of April 9 Strike

The town of Sagua la Grande, located 313 kilometers from Havana, met today in front of the monument to the revolutionary martyrs, to pay tribute to the heroes fallen in the strike of April 9, 1958.

18 January, 2018 Young People from Villa Clara Tour Agricultural Entities

Leaders of the Cuba’s High-School Students Federation and the University Student Federation visited agricultural centers in Villa Clara province to know the progress of projects related to food production.