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SANTA CLARA, Villaclara. – The teachings of Ernesto Guevara´s thought linked to economy and the formation of the new man, were released this Wednesday in Villa Clara, in the opening ceremony of the event titled Che at 90: His Presence in Cuba Today.

During the meeting at Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas, on occasion of the birth of the Cuban-Argentinian, the audiovisual material Permanent Presence was presented, with testimonies of those who shared their life with the Heroic Guerrilla.

In the event Che at 90: His Presence in Cuba Today, which transcends the University of Las Villas, students and professors from all over the country participate in the study of his life and work.

Members of Che’s family, as well as fighters of Las Villas Campaign and the guerrillas in Congo and Bolivia, as Víctor Dreke, Harry Villegas and Leonardo Tamayo, also attend to the encounter.

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On the first day of the event Che at 90: His Presence in Cuba Today, it took place a plenary dedicated to the man of ideas and action.

Orlando Borrego, who accompanied Ernesto Guevara in the Sierra Maestra and the Ministry of Industries, highlighted the knowledge of economics acquired by his inseparable companion, who incorporated to his knowledge through study and the value he gave to planning as a premise for development.

In the plenary held at the Theater of Martha Abreu University, the heroes of the Republic of Cuba, Ramon Labanino Salazar and Gerardo Hernandez Nordelo remarked the importance of applying science to raise productivity, as Che insisted on their speeches.

Hernandez Nordelo also referred to the need to take up Che as a reference for building a prosperous and sustainable Socialism.