Villa Clara, a leading province of Cuban science

Villa Clara, outstanding province in scientific work. Photo: Dalia Reyes Perera/ CMHW.

VILLA CLARA, Cuba.- The flag that accredits Villa Clara as the most integral province in the Technological Science and Innovation System, was delivered by Elba Rosa Perez, Minister of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), in the national event for the Day of Cuban Science in the theater of the Central University.

At the ceremony on January 15, the work of the delegations of Guantanamo and Granma, outstanding provinces in the scientific work in 2019, was praised.

During the national event for the Day of Cuban Science, the Minister of CITMA highlighted the work of Villa Clara, a territory that has consolidated the scientific activity in recent years, with actions aimed at solving problems of economy and services.

The work of scientific groups such as the Cardiac Center, the Bio technology plants Institute, and that of Chemical Bioactive was recognized.