They reenact passage of Caravan of Freedom

In Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara they reenact the entrance of the Caravan of Freedom. Photo: Maricela Torres/ Escambray.

HAVANA, Cuba.- New generations in Sancti Spiritus province re-enacted the passage of the Caravan of Freedom, which arrived in Sancti Spíritus on January 6, 1959.

In front of the then Progreso Society, from where Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro spoke for the first time to the inhabitants of the city, pioneers, youth, students and workers gathered to remember the event.

The first secretary of the Young Communist League in Sancti Spíritus, Yadira Diaz Chinea, in stepping in, ratified the decision of the new generations to continue the construction of Socialism.

Together with the main authorities of the Party and the Government of the province, fighters of the Rebel Army, Oscar Alonso Cabrera and Alcibiades Aguilar Rondon participated in the reissue of the Caravan of Freedom, participated in the reissue of the Caravan of Freedom.

Villa Clara Receives Caravan of Freedom

The Caravan of Freedom arrived in Villa Clara province on the morning of this 6 January, where it was welcomed in Placetas, after completing its journey by Sancti Spíritus.

In the park of that municipality, the people evoked the moment when Fidel, with the Rebel Army, made his triumphant entrance to the former province of Las Villas from the Cuban east.

Some moments later, the inhabitants of Santa Clara welcomed the Caravan of Freedom in Vidal Park, to remember the historic speech given 61 years ago by the leader of the Cuban Revolution from the building that today occupies the Marti Provincial Library.

The new generations announce their commitment to follow Fidel’s legacy and continue to build Socialism.