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July 15th, 2019

15 July, 2019 Vote Reaffirms Human Rights in Venezuela

President Nicolas Maduro highlighted that Venezuela appreciates the support of the UN Human Rights Council for the resolution presented by the Chair of the Non-Aligned Movement.

15 July, 2019 Fears in Mexico over Trump’s Raids Extension

The announcement this Monday that yesterday’s U.S. anti-immigrant raids will continue throughout the week renewed fears in Mexico, whose government authorities are aware of what happens to their conational.

15 July, 2019 Army General Raul Castro Greets Cuban Youth

The Army General sent a greeting to the militants of the Young Communist League of Cuba in the Revolutionary Armed Forces. Photo: Leonel Escalona Furones/ Venceremos.

15 July, 2019 Cuban MPs Discuss Electoral Draft Law

Cuban MPs have discussed this Saturday the draft Electoral Law, considered an express mandate of the Constitution endorsed by the majority of citizens in a popular referendum last February 24 and proclaimed in April.