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24 April, 2018 Maduro Urges to Vote in Elections

CARACAS, Venezuela. – President Nicolas Maduro called his compatriots to demonstrate to the world that they are the only protagonists of the country’s destinies, exercising their right to vote on May 20 to continue economic consolidation. In ceremony of beginning of campaign in Barinas State, the President warned that in those elections independence and sovereignty […]

2 April, 2018 To Lima, To Discuss from Respect

“We are going to Peru to discuss the topics that are axes of the discussion there, but always from respect,” lawyer Yamila Gonzalez, spokesperson of the Coalition for an Inclusive and Respectful World assures.

7 February, 2018 Cuban Communicators Condemn American Subversive Action

The Cuban Association of Social Communicators condemned in Havana the creation of an Internet task force, recently announced by the United States, to disseminate destabilizing messages against Cuba and to attack the institutionality and legitimacy of the government.

18 January, 2018 Venezuelan Dialogue Continues in the Dominican Republic

The talks between the Government and the opposition of Venezuela continue in the Dominican Republic, in pursuit of advancing in the six points of the agenda and to reach an agreement for the peace and stability in the country.

22 November, 2017 They Pay Tribute to Fidel in Washington

The historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, was always willing to have better relations with the United States, but without jeopardizing the sovereignty of the island, knowledgeable persons of the bilateral links highlighted this Tuesday in Washington.

25 October, 2017 Recall Referendum to Undo Temer´s Excesses

The need to carry out a referendum campaign to undo the misrules of Michel Temer Administration became an essential issue in the trip of former president Lula to Minas Gerais that is in his third day.