Etiqueta: Popular Councils
27 September, 2018 President of the Cuban Parliament Visits Guantanamo Province

In order to check the fulfillment of the Program for the Integral Attention of Improvement of the People´s Power, the President of the Cuban Parliament, Esteban Lazo Hernandez, pays a visit to Imias municipality in Guantanamo, damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

7 February, 2018 Cuba Guarantees Conditions for Election Day

The electoral commissions at all levels work to guarantee a satisfactory result in the elections of March 11, when more than eight million of Cubans are summoned to the polls, to elect the deputies to the Parliament and the delegates to the Provincial Assemblies of People´s Power.

28 September, 2017 Bank Loans Granted to Victims of Irma

The Bank of Credit and Commerce (BANDEC) has granted more than 20 credits for financial assistance to victims of Hurricane Irma in the first week of procedures in Las Tunas.

17 August, 2017 Elections in Cuba, Democracy and History

From September 4 to 30 the nomination of candidates for delegates to the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power will take place as part of the first stage of general elections in Cuba.