Etiqueta: Mariana Grajales
27 November, 2018 They Pay Homage to the Mother of the Cuban Homeland

The member of the Political Bureau and the Council of State Teresa Amarelle Boue, presided over in Santiago de Cuba the homage of the people to Mariana Grajales Coello, on occasion of the 125th anniversary of her physical disappearance.

22 November, 2017 Puerto Rican Leader Visits Guantanamo

Puerto Rican independence Oscar Lopez Rivera, visits this Wednesday the municipality of Caimanera, after honoring heroin Mariana Grajales in the city of Guantánamo, in the Revolution Square named after her.

14 November, 2017 Puerto Rican Patriot Oscar Lopez Rivera Visits Cuba

Oscar Lopez Rivera, the Puerto Rican patriot symbol of the dignity of his people and its independence struggle, fulfilled this Sunday his dream of visiting Cuba, where he is deeply admired for his revolutionary convictions that allowed him to resist almost thirty six years in American prisons without kowtowing.

10 October, 2017 Homenaje hoy a Céspedes y Mariana en Santa Efigenia

En ocasión de conmemorarse el aniversario 149 del inicio de la Guerra de Independencia en el ingenio Demajagua, este martes tendrá lugar a las 07.00 de la mañana en el cementerio Santa Ifigenia, el acto político y ceremonia militar de inhumación de los restos de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Mariana Grajales.

16 August, 2017 Nicolas Maduro’s Tribute in St. Iphigenia

President Nicolas Maduro Moros arrived in St. Iphigenia Cemetery this Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by Army General Raul Castro Ruz to pay tribute to national hero Jose Marti and Commander-in-Chief of the Cuban Revolution, on the 91 anniversary of his birthday.