Puerto Rican independence Oscar Lopez Rivera.

GUANTANAMO, Cuba.- Puerto Rican independence Oscar Lopez Rivera, visits this Wednesday the municipality of Caimanera, after honoring heroin Mariana Grajales in the city of Guantánamo, in the Revolution Square named after her.

The room enabled in third dimension in Caimanera, is the scene of the projection of the documentary titled All Guantánamo Is Ours, by progressive and revolutionary Colombian filmmaker Hernando Calvo Ospina. The work is qualified as an act of justice to those who remain unshakable along the only artificial frontier in the Caribbean island.

The documentary summarizes in 37 minutes some attacks and murders perpetrated from the Base against Cuban citizens, as well as environmental and economic damages.

The organizers of the presentation foresaw a wide debate on the documentary, taking into account the aforementioned circumstances and recent declarations of Lopez Rivera.