Havana, Cuba.- Spanish researcher Francisco Aguadero highlighted the exchange of experiences and visions as one of the main contributions of the 5th International Festival of Social Communication, which ended today in this capital.

In his opinion, the international component enriched the three-day meeting at the Havana Convention Center, where participants could appreciate the immediate consequences of strengthening ties through communicative practices.

The also presidential advisor of the Inter-American Confederation of Public Relations explained that the communication, carried out within a company or in a locality, has repercussions on society and, in turn, on a global level, because its different areas are internationalized.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina on the methods that global communication faces today, he referred to those imposed by new technologies, whose innovative reference patterns force the creation and application of functional strategies.

On the third and final day of the festival, the Spanish communication specialist offered a conference on social responsibility, communication and reputation, intangible elements that he considered to be the basis of the companies.