Kathmandu, Nepal.- Cuban youth showed their experiences during the recent International Youth Meeting in Nepal that discussed global issues and their policies, such as the fight against climate change, among other issues.

The meeting, held in the presence of Nepalese Foreign Minister Pradeep Kumar Gyawali, constituted a common platform for leaders, innovators, peace promoters, youth activists and pioneers of civil society from around the world.

Cuban diplomat Juan Carlos Marcof told Prensa Latina that this type of event offers the opportunity to listen and share experiences of international interest with young people from different latitudes.

‘The more young people can exchange and look for communication platforms to access more people, it will be easier to continue building a better world, which is possible,’ he said.

Marcof transferred to the event his experiences of a young man born on the island after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

Before 1959, Marcof told the plenary, most Cubans had very few opportunities to access education, get a job or enjoy health services.

Fifty-seven percent of the Cuban population was illiterate, the infant mortality rate per thousand live births was more than 42, and life expectancy at birth was only 62 years.

The youth of that time, led by the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro, took on the task of changing the situation by facing a powerful army supported by the United States.

‘Today all Cuban youth have access to education at all levels of education for free, health services are for everyone and completely free,’ he said.

Life expectancy at birth in Cuba amounts to 78 years and the infant mortality rate per thousand live births is 4.1, he said.

‘Today, we, the young Cubans, have to fight to maintain the achievements of that historic generation (…) That is the battle that today’s youth are fighting in our small country,’ he said.

The Cuban diplomat on behalf of Cuba thanked the international solidarity of many friends, including from Nepal, in the struggle for putting an end to the US blockade against Cuba.