Beijing, China.- Cuba on Thursday supported in China the need to expand global cooperation in cybersecurity and face the increasingly spread of fake news, slanders, risks for international banking and e-transactions on the Internet.

At the beginning of his official visit, the Cuban Minister of Communications, Jorge Luis Perdomo, told Prensa Latina that Cuba considers the joint work among States as a viable avenue to counter those threats more effectively in the near future.

In the case of Cuba, it strengthens ties with China in this area ‘from the aggressive US escalation against the Caribbean nation and the development of the Internet itself,’ which calls for a harder international cooperation.

Perdomo noted that as part of his official agenda he will tackle this issue in meetings with senior officials of the Chinese Cyberspace Administration, other government entities and of telecommunications companies, a sector where both nations have signed a memorandum for the international cybersecurity exchange.

The Cuban minister arrived in Beijing on Thursday. He leads the Cuban delegation to attend the 2nd International Imports and Exports Meeting, which will be held from November 5 to 10 in Shanghai, China´s financial capital.

‘We have a very fluid relationship with the Chinese government and authorities and local ICT companies. We will take advantage of the fair to highlight these bonds, exchange and foster the strengthening of this cooperation,’ he said.

It is about an event where over 3,000 domestic and foreign companies will exhibit their products hoping to increase shipment fees to China.