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25 April, 2020 China Supports World Health Organization

In the midst of the global expansion of SARS-Cov2 new coronavirus, China announced a new $30 million donation to WHO to support vulnerable nations, i.e. the poorest, in contrast to the U.S. position denying funding to the organization.

30 March, 2020 The World vs. Pandemic

The United States, which leads the number of coronavirus infections, has so far recorded 291 deaths, of which more than a quarter have occurred in New York State.

12 March, 2020 China Affirms Coronavirus Pandemic Ends by June

Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan, a member of the committee appointed by the Government of China to combat the Covid-19 outbreak, said the overall infection pandemic will be over by June.

1 November, 2019 Cuba supports global cooperation in cybersecurity in China

cuba on Thursday supported in China the need to expand global cooperation in cybersecurity and face the increasingly spread of fake news, slanders, risks for international banking and e-transactions on the Internet.

31 October, 2019 China, Cuba satisfied by good progress of bilateral relations

Cuba and China on Wednesday expressed satisfaction for the uninterrupted, fluid and solid progress of their bilateral ties, which will mark 60 years in 2020 and are considered a paradigm for cooperation of developing countries.

28 October, 2019 Cuba’s attractions promoted in China and Japan

People in China and Japan are learning about Cuba’s attractions through images of emblematic sites and promotional events that are part of a tribute to the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana.

14 May, 2019 China Will Not Give Up Its Principles

China warned the US not to underestimate its determination to defend national interests and rights, as long as trade confrontation persists with each other, and recalled that the aftermath of the conflict affects both sides.