Rigorous health care due to Covid-19 at cuban airports

Health controls strengthen at airports across Cuba.

HAVANA, Cuba.- To prevent the entry of a passenger with symptoms of the new Coronavirus through international flights, health search measures are reinforced at all airports in Cuba.

At this important point of entry and exit from the country in Santiago de Cuba, health authorities with the management of the terminal, implement prophylaxis actions to detect any health situation both domestic and foreign, journalist Sanchez Fujichiro reported.

From Holguin, Fabio Ochoa reports that the health, aeronautics and customs personnel, among other institutions, also implement at Frank Pais Airport the protocols of the plan for prevention and control of Covid-19.

The airport intensified the rigor of its health controls to international travelers, in line with the World Health Organization’s alert, which involves all border entities. A similar situation happens in other Cuban air terminals.