SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba. – The people in Santiago de Cuba will pay tribute to Frank Pais and Raul Pujols, when he was 60 years after their cowardly assassination on July 30, now the Day of the Martyrs of the Revolution.

As is traditional, on the afternoon of Sunday the people will reproduce the pilgrimage that defying the soldiers of the Batista´s regime accompanied the remains of the heroic clandestine fighters from Cespedes Park to Santa Iphigenia Cemetery.

After placing a floral offering on behalf of the people of Cuba before the tombs of the martyrs, a political act will take place in the area of ceremonies of the necropolis.

After the cultural moment, which will include the staging of the occurred events, the authorities of the Party and the Government of Santiago de Cuba, as well as the population, will march to the Little Square of Martyrs, where new members of the Party and the Communist Youth will receive their accreditation cards.