2018 University International Congress

HAVANA, Cuba.-The attendees to the Student and Youth Forum of the eleventh 2018 University International Congress, advocated for creating revolutionary transformations in higher education with the purpose of improving the programs of study.

Raul Alejandro Palmero Fernandez, national president of the University Student Federation, underlined in the meeting that the Cuban academic institutions carry out works of social and economic impact in order to promote their insertion in prioritized tasks of the Revolution.

Palmero said that in the Student and Youth Forum held in the context of 2018 University Congress, participants expressed the need to face the challenges in the world today.

He added that during the meeting they signed collaboration agreements favoring student exchange.

Venezuela is not isolated

The Minister of University Education, Science and Technology of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugbel Roa, highlighted in Havana that the right aspires to isolate his country with a genocidal war in which the university brings knowledge not for transnationals, but for the people.

Roa at the International Congress of Higher Education that his nation has achieved inclusion in the university system, taking that teaching to the whole territory and reaching one of the largest enrollments in the region.

The Venezuelan university, Hugbel Roa pointed out, is in the cutting edge in the transformations that arises today before higher education, as a necessity for the development of the nations.

The Venezuelan executive argued that despite the war economy his country faces today, they have not neglected university education, because it represents freedom and future.