Eusebio leal receiving the Replica of Marti´s Gavel.

Photo: ACN.

HAVANA, Cuba.- Visibly moved, Eusebio Leal, historian of Havana, received this Wednesday the replica of Marti´s Gavel, granted by the National Council of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, in the presence of Cuban Vice-President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura.

During the inauguration of the Eighth Congress of the National Union of Jurists of Cuba, Yamila Gonzalez, vice-president of the organization, remarked the gavel is one of the most identifiable symbols of justice in the world.

Gonzalez emphasized that the original piece has a special significance because it was in Marti´s hands, who used it in his effort to organize the independence war.

Leal stands out, as an educator, promoter of patriotic values and every day calls for not to rest while there is injustice to repair in this or any other place in the world, Yamila Gonzalez said.