Diaz-Canel Exchanges with Cuban Entrepreneurs

Photo/Radio Rebelde @PresidenciaCub

HAVANA, Cuba.- The Cuban President, Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, exchanged this Monday with national executives, on a tour of the Sixth Business Fair that takes place in ExpoCuba.

In a visit to the stand of the Iron and Mechanical Industry Business Group, the Cuban head of State talked with exhibitors on substitution of imports and productive chains, key elements for the development of the Cuban economy.

The Sixth Business Fair, which concludes next Friday, brings together more than 400 representative entities, in the state and cooperative sector and self-employed, with the aim of promoting relations between the economic actors of the country.

Started on May 20, the Fair has among its fundamental objectives, the identification of the potentialities in the domestic market, with a view to reducing the dependency of the country regarding imports.