Havana, Cuba.- Cuban Vice Presidents Inés María Chapman and Roberto Morales toured research, academic and economic centers in the central province of Villa Clara on Wednesday.

During the tour, which is part of the government visit led by President Miguel Díaz-Canel to the territory, Chapman visited the Hanabanilla-Palmarito water supply system, one of the most important to guarantee water for the city, according to the Cubadebate portal.

She also visited the Zapatero re-pumping station, necessary for the delivery of the vital liquid to mountain villages in the municipality of Manicaragua.

For his part, vice-president Roberto Morales, visited the Central University ‘Marta Abreu’ of Las Villas, where he spoke with professors and learned about scientific development and innovative policies of the House of Higher Studies, according to the note.

The source also noted that Morales valued the results of the student center in biotechnological development, the production of construction materials from local resources, chemical compounds for export, as well as technological implements for the consolidation of digital television in Cuba.

In addition, he learned about the results of links with companies in the territory, as well as the consolidation of agreements with national entities and universities and research centers in other countries.

The Minister of Public Health, Jose Angel Portal, who also participates in the government tour, attending the Provincial Board of Directors of the sector learned about the current state of health services in the territory and projections for improving them.

Government visits to the provinces are part of the work style of Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel, who assumed the presidency of the Councils of State and Ministers on April 19, 2018.