bloqueo-cubaWashington, United States.-The main topic included in the final declaration of the 3rd Meeting of Cuban Residents in the United States was a public denounce of the hostile policy that it is the illegal and inhumane economic blockade imposed by the US on Cuba.

The meeting held in Washington during the weekend brought together Cuban residents in the United States and diplomats from the Cuban embassy and was a follow up to previous meetings held in 2010 and 2012.

Among the main resolutions adopted on last Saturday at Howard University Hospital, the venue of this meeting, once again was included a resolution to demand the end of the unjust, illegal and inhumane blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba more than fifty years ago.

The participants also condemned and denounced the propaganda campaign carried out against the Cuban reality, as well as the interference in the internal affairs of Cuba, which has always aimed at overthrowing the Cuban Revolution.

This 3rd Meeting urged to mobilize and renew the commitment to all Cubans living in the United States, who seek more effective ways to support the Revolution and defend the sovereignty of their homeland.

The meeting urged to work in order to turn these events into true activism forums. The participants demanded the return of the Guantanamo bay, and denounced the use of subversive programs against Cuba, which recently have targeted Cuban young people and seek to destabilize the country.

The participants also demanded justice to the US government in the case of Carlos Muniz Varela, member of the Antonio Maceo Brigade who was killed in April, 1979 by a terrorist organization in Puerto Rico. ‘The Cuban Revolution can not be defeated, because it has remained true to its historical commitment to the poor people of the world and has been and always will be a Revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble’, the declaration said.