Havana city, Cuba.- Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel called Friday to promote a more innovative goods and services sector in the country and highlighted the essential role of scientific research in solving problems.

During a meeting with executives and specialists from the Ministry of the Food Industry (MINAL) Díaz-Canel valued how ‘at the local level, the work must be more and more thorough’ in the territories.

The Presidential website reported that the meeting is part of a series of exchanges to promote science to solve critical issues for national development.

The President stressed that this way of doing things, which ratifies the importance of strengthening the interconnection between knowledge, the productive sector of goods and services, and the territories.

Díaz-Canel pointed out the need to work on the development of our own technological capabilities for greater sovereignty.

In this regard, he called for the promotion of computerization and automation processes for better performance and productivity.

The Food Industry Ministry considered a driving force for the country’s development, requires the necessary support of the technical advisory councils, essential links to contribute and suggest research topics or solutions to specific problems, said the President.

For his part, the head of the ministry, Manuel Santiago Sobrino, acknowledged that entity’s economic responsibility at present.

Sobrino mentioned how urgent it is to advance in the linkage and integrality of the whole system of science and technological innovation, which in this sector includes all the branches responsible for the industrial production of foodstuffs.