Havana. Cuba.- The 9th legislature of the Cuban National Parliament will be sworn this Wednesday. The 605 newly elected deputies to the National Assembly of People´s Power will assemble as of 9 am local time.

According to Granma newspaper, it will be a two-day session. On Wednesday deputies will first elect the leaders of the legislature before voting for the president and other members of the Council of State.

The results of the elections for the Council of State will be announced Thursday.

The president, who is the head of state and government – the first vice president, and the other members of the Council of State will be chosen from among the deputies.

The legislature will serve a five-year term.

The installation of the 9th Legislature of the Cuban parliament takes place amidst the island´s celebration of the 57th anniversary of its victory over the Bay of Pigs invasion.

The counterrevolutionary brigade, trained and armed by the United States, arrived in the Zapata Swamp – in the western province of Matanzas – at dawn on April 17, 1961.

Led by Fidel Castro, the army and a representation of the Cuban people defeated the invaders who surrendered at Playa Girón on the evening of April 19, less than 72 hours after the attack.

This victory represented the first great defeat of US imperialism in Latin America.