Havana, Cuba.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez on Thursday urged young people to develop their struggles for a better world from social networks, at the closing session of the International virtual Meeting on Ideas that Are Flags.

The head of Cuban diplomacy denounced what he described as a new imperialist division of the world among global platforms that own digital networks to control personal data, manipulate information, generate conflicts for political interests and promote hatred and division.

Rodriguez explained how the Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the global digitization process, and referred to the current asymmetry in Latin America in terms of low production of its own content and the high presence of Internet users.

Likewise, the diplomat pointed to the United States for financing scientific laboratories aimed at managing social fragmentation in the countries.

In that regard, the minister called to generate a communication strategy with rigor to fight simultaneously in streets, squares and networks, and to mobilize in physical and digital fields with conviction.

‘It is urgent to fight so that the States exercise their sovereignty in cyberspace and the true democratization of the networks,’ the foreign minister noted.

According to Rodriguez, peoples and youth need to create and articulate relationships with political forces, social movements, leftist and progressive organizations, and governments, in order to contest power on the right wing.

The foreign minister also called for sharing resistance practices and experiences, as well as tools for the political battle.

‘Young people have historically led changes in favor of progress, it is up to you to deal with the phenomenon to achieve the balance of the world,’ he emphasized.

In his speech, the minister of Foreign Affairs highlighted the extraordinary contribution from the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, in favor of freedom and against imperialism, capitalism and war.

Honoring Fidel Castro is studying his emancipatory thinking, transforming action and applying his legacy to the pressing challenges of humanity, he remarked.

Since November 24, the meeting, sponsored by the Young Communist League (UJC) of Cuba, analyzed proposals in the face of current challenges, and defended solidarity, anti-imperialism and anti-neoliberalism.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also participated in the virtual closing session, at which he highlighted the role of the new generations in profound changes in societies and assured that ‘A better world is possible, necessary and we are going to achieve it.’