cuba-japon-1Havana, cuba.-Cuba and Japan signed today a memorandum of understanding to build high quality infrastructures in construction, transportation and tourism, while strengthening bilateral ties.

The agreement was signed by Minister of Construction Rene Mesa, vice minister of Transportation Eduardo Rodriguez and Hirofumi Hanaoka, vice minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism of Japan (MLIT), as part of the Public-Private High Level Conference on the Cuba-Japan Infrastructure, opened here.

Representatives from 30 Japanese hi-tech companies related to the aforementioned fields participate in the meeting, including corporations Fujita, Hazama Ando, Konoike, Shimizu and Tokura and Hino Motors Ltd e Hitachi Ltd.

Hanaoka said that this conference held in Havana follows the visit in September of Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who held a meeting with President Raul Castro.

Cuban minister of Construction praised the large work done by the construction sector in the tourist field, as well as the works in the harbors, hydraulics, renewable energy, construction of houses and industrial development of the country.