Vietnam stops cold Covid-19

Sanitary measures stop Covid-19 advance in Vietnam.

HANOI, Vietnam. – As a result of health actions, Vietnam remains without reporting new infected with the new coronavirus for a fortnight, and remains free of deaths from that cause, according to the national commission responsible for containing the pandemic.

The Angolan government reported 3 new cases of Covid-19 local transmission in that country and indicated that all patients have stable clinical symptoms.

Syria confirmed 44 positives to the disease, with 27 recovered and 3 deceased; while maintaining restrictive measures limiting interprovincial and from and towards abroad transportation, as well as a daily curfew.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health reported 358 cases of infection with the virus, the highest diagnosis in one day since the outbreak began, with which 5 thousand 895 are infected.

Latin America in the Face of Pandemic

Venezuela ranks among the best-performing nations in the management of Covid-19 in Latin America, against any fatalistic prognosis of those who augured the collapse of that country after the scourge of the disease.

Colombia exceeded 7,000 confirmed cases with the new coronavirus, registering almost 500 contagions in recent hours; that nation is living another week of mandatory preventive isolation, decreed to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

The number of infected by the new coronavirus increased in Peru, to exceed 40 thousand 400 cases, while deaths reached a thousand 124 with a short-term advance.

In Guatemala, positive cases for the virus reached 644, with the sum of 45 contagions, the highest peak this week, President Alejandro Giammattei stated.