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2 May, 2020 Vietnam Stops Cold Covid-19

As a result of health actions, Vietnam remains without reporting new infected with the new coronavirus for a fortnight, and remains free of deaths from that cause, according to the national commission responsible for containing the pandemic.

13 February, 2020 Colombia Calls for Building Final Peace

Several voices call for an end to violence in Colombia and the construction of final peace in a country with millions of victims of armed conflict.

2 August, 2019 Colombia Highlights Child Care in Cuba

Fortunately, in Cuba, there are no children deprived of family care or without state support, highlights a material published Thursday on the website of the Colombian Communist Party.

31 July, 2018 Cuba, Colombia Govt. Discuss Peace Process with ELN Guerilla

Foreign Ministers of Cuba and Colombia, Bruno Rodriguez and Maria Angela Holguin, respectively, discussed the peace process with the National Liberation Army (ELN) in Havana, the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today.