Bogotá, Colombia.- The wave of attacks against leaders of social and indigenous organizations continues today in Colombia, where only in the last 48 hours two new crimes were reported in the departments of Cauca and Putumayo.

Emiliano Trochez, former counselor of the Association of Indigenous Councils of Northern Cauca, lost his life when unknown individuals shot him as he was leaving his home, located in the village of Guadualito.

Trochez moved to the school of that community to teach a class, informed the authorities.

The indigenous leader, aged 70, received several head injuries that caused his death.

Meanwhile, in the community of Piñuña Negro, in the department of Putumayo, Alejandro Jacanamejoy, president of the Community Action Board of La Paz, was murdered.

The community leader participated in the national program of substitution of illicit crops and promoted the implementation of the Peace Agreements signed in 2016 for the end of the armed conflict.

According to the most recent report of the Institute of Studies for Development and Peace, only between January and July of this year were 123 social leaders and human rights defenders murdered in Colombia.

More than 80 percent of the cases belonged to peasant, ethnic and community action organizations.

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