salvador ministrodefensaHavana, Cuba.-The first vice-minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba, General Álvaro López Miera, received today the Minister of Defense of El Salvador, David Mungia, who is on an official visit.

The solemn ceremony was carried out in The Cacahual, where the visitor paid tribute to general Antonio Maceo and his assistant captain Francisco (Panchito) Gómez Toro, Cuban pro-independence heroes, whose mortal remains are kept in this place.

A report of the national television said López Miera detailed the historical role of Maceo, nicknamed The Bronze Titan, in the struggles for the Cuban freedom.

For his part, the Salvadoran Minister of Defense regarded his stay in this Caribbean nation as highly positive, and he was grateful for the warmth of the Cuban reception to him and his delegation in all the activities from its arrival.

During his visit, Mungia will cover other historical places and military units.