Havana, Cuba.- Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced Wednesday from Bolivar Square in Bogota that tomorrow he will travel to Cuba for the closing of the third round of negotiations between the government and the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Before hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the central place, the dignitary announced that from Cuba an “important event for the history of Colombia” will take place.

“I am going to sign a paper that could mean the beginning of an era of peace for this country”, he said.

The head of state stressed that “It will be difficult, we all know that. More difficult than making war is making peace”.

Petro invited Colombians to the “popular mobilization around peace, to welcome those who stop doing violence”.

He pointed out that issues such as cease-fire, participation of society in the peace-building process, humanitarian actions, and dynamics, are part of the Dialogue Table that is “positively advancing its work”.

In the context of a multitudinous march in support of his government, he stated: “The time has come to govern and, therefore, there are millions, popular torrents, multitudes, which we need today in Colombia; that the people speak, that the people express themselves”.

Last May 2, with the full disposition to achieve a ceasefire and the participation of society, the third cycle of talks between the Colombian Government and the ELN began in Cuba.