Vietnam-feria-Cuba3Hanoi, Vietnam.-From Labiofam Vietnam, with 18 years in the Indochinese country, up to newly local Cuban industries, exhibit products at the Trade Fair inaugurated today in this capital, recognized as a platform to boost economic ties between the two nations.

On this occasion, 16 companies and its Chamber of Commerce (CCC), with an offer that includes medicines, natural products such as Biorat, from the light and sugar industries, services and construction, as well as joint business proposals for various sectors, including food and agriculture, represent the Caribbean country.

Cuban companies Avil and Conart stroke a deal with the Vietnamese Million Suns Company Ltd. on the opening day of the Fair where companies from 23 nations are exhibiting their products and services.

They agreed through Memorandum of Intent to establish an association to produce rattan furniture for the Cuban tourist industry, without ruling out exports to other territories.

Alejandro Leyva, general director of Avil, and Ernesto Román (Conart) told Prensa Latina that Cuba provides labor and market while the other party will supply raw material and some machinery, which will help reduce imports.

Other Cuban companies at this market place that will close Saturday are Cubacítricos and Labiofam Vietnam.

Cuban and Vietnamese trade authorities held on Tuesday the 7th Session of the bilateral Business Committee, chaired by the respective Chambers of Commerce.

The sides signed a Plan of Action for the period 2017-2018, aimed, inter alia, at facilitating information and promoting activities that contribute to raising these links in line with the excellent level of politicians between the two countries.